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Why is change so hard?

Have you ever tried to change something in your life? 

Maybe you tried to lose weight? How about eating healthier? Drink less, exercise more? Being stressless, enjoy more? Spend more time with your family, less at work? Stop smoking, get out more? Meditate more, read more books? Get out of an unhappy relationship? Be more successful in all areas of your life?

Many men and women, just like you and me, take on this huge challenge – some kind of transformation – to change their life around, regain vitality, stress-free and happy life. 

Have you ever done it? 

You’ve bought a self-development book, or taken a course, you read motivational quotes twice a day. You are hyped up to finally transform into the best version of you.…… And after a while you realize that you haven’t changed a bit. 

I know it is frustrating. You sacrifice your favorite food, you eat only salads, you fast, swear off alcohol, you get a gym membership, you work harder, sleep less – all for nothing. 

You start to look for reasons why you are stuck, why you can’t transform to the best version of you.

Reasons why people don’t change

  • You are busy at work, you don’t have time to cook. 
  • Your kids are demanding, your husband wants to eat out every day, you have company dinners. 
  • The house needs to be cleaned, laundry is waiting for you. 
  • You have a birthday coming, Christmas and New Year’s are in two weeks. 
  • The economy is shit, now it’s not a good time. 
  • Everybody else is suffering or hurting, you need to wait until it gets better.
  • You have nobody to go to the gym with.
  • Your partner is going through a rough time.

All of your reasons are valid, they are legit reasons. Life can be challenging and demanding. The effort you put forward, the pain you go through, the sacrifices you make – it’s not easy, I understand. I’ve been there. Everybody I know – they’ve been there.

How many times have you done this dance already? Twice? 5 times? 10 times? 100 times? And every time you start over, you take an oath that this time it will be different “because you know better now?”, right?! 

Why can you break through? What is keeping you from getting what you want? Why is it so goddamn difficult? Why do others succeed and you don’t? 

What is their secret? What if I told you, that I know THE secret?

The secret that I share with my clients. Secret I’m going to share with you as well.

If …. You are interested to know.

Here goes……

Find your WHY

The secret to start transforming today is to find your deep and strong WHY

I know it sounds simple. I know you are thinking – “this can’t be the secret, can it?”

It is!

Let me share with you the secret to continuous motivation, discipline, and perseverance. I mastered it during my Knowledge Broker Course done by Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi.

It’s called “Seven Levels Deep”. This exercise helped me to find my big “why”. Once I saw my ‘why’ written down, I cried. I was ecstatic. I felt it in my heart. It came from my heart.

This ‘why’  keeps me motivated no matter what.

My ‘why’ makes me jump out of the bed at 5am, all excited and pumped to start my day! 

You can find your ‘why’ as well!


How to find your WHY

This exercise is called “seven levels deep”, because you move progressively deeper into answers by asking “why” questions seven times. I’ve done this exercise a million times with my clients. 

I’m still not sure why seven is the magical number that gets you to dig deeper for the answers – but it is always the right number! 100%!

My clients are always surprised to find out their deeper why. It is never what they think it is.

If you want to lose weight, for example, and you reason ‘why’ is “ to look good” – it will never work for you. This reason is not deep enough to get you through the rainy and busy days when you don’t feel like it. This reason will not motivate you when you work long hours and have juice company dinners or your kids are asking for attention.


See the attached document with the exercise

If done properly, it will change the way you approach change and transformation. If done the right way, it will give you the big reason why that comes with endless motivation and dedication.

You need to dig really deep, by asking “why……”  You can do this exercise by yourself. But it is better if you do it with somebody else asking the questions. You will get such a deep insight on your ‘why’ – I guarantee it!

Heck, you can call me and I do this exercise with you. I guide you through the seven levels deep – to your big WHY.

No strings attached!

I know YOU CAN! Do you?