M Unity

Going back to normal

“I want the world to go back to #normal “,  is one of the most repeated sentences we hear nowadays. We live in challenging times, that much is true.

Lets go back to the new normal without fear

But before you go back to normal, let me ask you – which parts are really worth going back for?

If your life was that great, you wouldn’t have to rush back to it – because it wouldn’t matter what circumstances you live in – your life would be great anyway. Think about it.

Humans fear change and uncertainty. Maybe the ‘normal’ you want to rush back to is the familiarity of your life. Even though your life ‘was’ far from the life you wanted, even though your life is filled with anxiety, stress, and sadness – you want to go back to it. 


Because it is familiar! You know what to expect, you know your role in it and your lines, you know what is expected of you, you know what to expect – even if it means you spend your days being or getting hurt.

Try to be more curious

Rather than getting frustrated, anxious, or stressed about what we can’t control, or what scares us, or wishing that things would just go back to normal – wouldn’t it be more productive to get curious about what is happening and what it means for you, your family or your business?

Please, don’t get me wrong. I’m not trying to diminish or dismiss the hardship many of us go through. I’m merely sharing with you what helped me and my clients to rise above these challenges. 

Challenging times bring new opportunities for growth if you are open to them.

If you want to be stressed and anxious all the time, all you need to do is expect life and all the people in it, to think, behave, speak, and act the way YOU have predetermined they ”should” and “must”. Make everything and everybody else responsible for YOUR life so you don’t have to.

I understand how scary it is to find out that nobody is responsible for your life and happiness but you.

So what can you do?

Trade your expectations for appreciation. The moment you do, your whole world transforms.

-Tony Robbins

Create your own new normal

Have you ever been to an improv comedy club? Some sketches are hilarious, some so-so. 

There are 4 rules of improv comedy:

  1. Say YES
  2. Say Yes AND
  3. Make statements
  4. There are NO mistakes

What’s the difference between a funny improv and so-so one?

The really funny ones happen when actors accept what others offer (the ‘yes’) and then build on it  (the AND…’)

What would happen if you applied this into your life when facing uncertainty?

For my clients, this approach of “YES AND….” helps to navigate their mindset and focus from feeling stuck, helpless or scared to a mindset of what they CAN do.

It is what it is!

Saying ‘YES AND…’ does not mean you are ok with what’s happening to you, nor that you like it, or approve it. It merely means that you acknowledge what is instead of what you wished it was.

Discover the process what does, and what does not serve us

I know this is all easier said than done. But it is possible and so rewarding, as many of my clients and myself as well, went through the same process.

The process of recognizing and accepting what does, and what does not serve us and our purpose anymore. 

The process of understanding our attempts to maintain an illusion of success, happiness, self-esteem, self-love and other things that we are not – it’s quite exhausting and confusing. 

Me and my team can help you to start peeling away your layers of “should be”, “have to be”, and “I can’t”.

By peeling the layers away, you won’t just discover who you truly are. 

You will discover your authentic voice and how to use it — you will learn to trust and believe in creating your own destiny by regaining your self-esteem and self-love. 

You will live your life with purpose and passion, filled with abundance and vitality.

You will be able to face challenges and rise above them easily.

You will learn to trust and believe in your own power and strength.

You will fall in love with your life and yourself again.

It takes courage to take the first step. Call us, email us, message us. We are here for you.

We know YOU CAN! Do you?